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Our Mission


Paideia Report

2018 Toilet Design Thinking Class Learning Report

“Giving a S***: Design for a Better World,” is a pilot course created by Wish for WASH for the Paideia School in spring of 2018. The course is centered around design thinking and sustainability. This brief report contains documentation of the methodology, implementation, and reflection process associated with the pilot course.

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Our Journey

Universal access to improved sanitation infrastructure is our #WishforWASH


Our Product

Through lean manufacturing, customer discovery, and empathic design, we have continually iterated our first sanitation relief product - the SafiChoo toilet. Currently in its 2nd iteration, SafiChoo is a modular design intended to improve the user experience for all market players. It functions as a “toolbox of options” allowing users to choose how to go to the bathroom to best meet their needs. The new design is being tested and further iterated in 2016.



In addition to product development, Wish for WASH seeks to further advocate and educate about human centered design, global sanitation, health equity, and social entrepreneurship by means of consultative projects. Check out some educational resources below that we have either been a part of or just see as important findings, viewpoints and practices related to these topics that we greatly value! These resources are intended to educate, equip, and inspire further positive action! Please reach out to us via the contact button if you are interested in our consultation services for your project!


Our Team

Jasmine Burton

Founder & President

Mariel Rezende

VP of Product Development

Katie Isaf

Senior Writer/Editor

Brandon Philbrick

Senior Biomedical Engineer and Health Researcher

Tanvi Suresh

Senior Analyst

Anya Smith-Roman

Co-Director of Student Engagement

Hill Belfi

Co-Director of Student Engagement

Diene Kaba

Social Media Coordinator

Luke Roeber

Compost Research Lead

Margaret White


Kaitlyn Brown

Web Developer

Emma Rary

Research Assistant

Advisory Board

We are also indebted to numerous other Georgia Tech students, faculty, and alumni who have greatly contributed to our growth.

Advisory Board

Dori Pap

Asst. Director

Georgia Tech Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Kevin Caravati

Sr. Research Analyst

Georgia Tech Research Institute

Raja Schaar

Lecturer & Design Instructor

Georgia Tech Coulter Dept. of Biomedical Engineering

Wayne Li


Innovation Design Collaborative

Lara Hodgson

President & CEO


Our Affiliates